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Core i5 750 and i7 975 die in Q1 2011

by on06 December 2010

RIP good ol' boys
Intel has announced something it calls Product Support Notice or its way of saying that days for Core i5 750 are numbered. It is a clear signal to its distributors to get rid of Core i5 750 as Intel plans to discontinue them.

This year and a quarter old CPU with its 2.66GHz core clock and ability to rock all the way to 3.2GHz with Turbo will retire and make some space for Sandy Bridge for digit Core i5 2xxx parts. This CPU is so 2009 and its time for it to leave and live in the past.

The other CPU that Intel really want to berry in Q1 2011 is Core i7 975. This is a good old Bloomfield CPU with four cores, Extreme Edition sticker but as it's a 45nm part with a 130W TDP, it has nothing to do in 2011. This grandpa processor is almost a year and a half old, that's six full quarters, and it will definitely be its time to retire, while it still can.

We have heard that Core i7 975 got enough money for a nice condo on the Florida keys, and plans to spend its last days there. Of course it has an ocean view, as it used to make $999+ selling its services.

Intel plans to end its life in Q1 2011 and Gulftown based Core i7 970, 980 and soon to launch Core i7 990 will continue its path of very fast, overclockable and extreme expensive wisdom. This young Gluftown boys simply know how to Turbo, much better than the old Gulftown that is stuck with 3.33GHz.

Don’t worry Intel plans to end the life or at least warn you about end of life of additional 21 CPUs but this is something that we can talk about some other time.

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