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Atom Z670 successor is Atom Z2700

by on01 June 2011

CloverView 32nm based
Intel has spoken about its future plans to some of its partners and we can tell you that Atom Z670 won't be its only tablet strategy for the time to come. We found out that Intel has a product name Atom Z2700 and you can tell from the structure that this new Atom has some similarities with the soon to be launched Cedar View M new Atom netbook platform.

In Intel's world Z stands for low power and the new Atom for tablet is likely based on CloverView 32nm core, but this is something that we will have to double check. Let’s hope that CloverView 32nm Atom is better than the Clowerfield movie.

Once Intel start selling it, it will sell for $52, much better price than current Atom Z670 that sells for $75 or slower Atom Z650 that sells for $64.

According to some additional intelligence we gathered, the current plan is that Atom Z670 remains the dominant tablet CPU from Intel at least until Q4 2011 with possible faster versions after that time. In the worst case scenario Atom Z670 or similar Oak Trail products might be the only choice for fanless design from Intel until Q2 2012, but it is still not fixed.

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