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AMD rolls out new server chips

by on14 November 2011

Valencia and Interlagos are here

AMD has officially introduced Interlagos and Valencia server processors, branded Opteron 6200 and Opteron 4200.

The outfit hopes the new Opteron 6276 will outpace Intel’s Xeon X5670 by 84 percent and deliver more scalability for virtualization. It also boasts the lowest power consumption per core, just 4.37W. All new Opterons have four memory channels and support 1600MHz memory modules totaling up to 12 modules per processor and they support ultra-low voltage 1.25 volt memory.

Moreover, AMD is confident that it will offer better bang for buck than Intel. In fact, AMD reps claim new Opterons will deliver 55 more performance than similarly priced Intel counterparts.

In reality, AMD has to be aggressive. It lost quite a bit of market share to Intel, which now dominates the server market with an estimated 95 percent share.

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