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Intel working on quad-core tablet Atom

by on16 January 2012

2013 release

A rather talkative chap at Intel's CES booth told us that Medfield Atom should get two successors very soon.

Intel should have its 22nm dual-core successor ready already in second part of 2012. Intel claims that single core Medfield at 1.6GHz defeats most of the dual chips based on ARM. We’ve seen a demo of an Intel iPhone 4 looking demo unit, and HD 1080p, Video even with 360 degree content as well as games worked just fine.  

Looks promising, but sources close to ARM are telling us that they have a much higher idle power than most ARM processors. Things get even more interesting as at some point in 2013, Intel will have a quad-core Atom for tablets.

We do believe that the Intel chap got a bit too excited and that the chip is again 22nm rather than new 14nm based, but it’s still too early to tell. Intel could have 14nm production ready for the latter part of 2013, but its 22nm production will definitely be mature at this point.

The mobile and tablet fight is on.

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