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Haswell 2013 to come as 1-chip platform

by on08 March 2012

Shark Bay platform brings new form factors

Intel didn’t tell its partner a lot of details but at this point it is clear that they will have two different platforms for Shark Bay notebook based on 22nm mobile Haswell.

As we said a few days ago, the first one is a 2-chip design with Haswell CPU and Lynx Point chipset. We wrote more about it here.

Now Intel hints at new thermal design points that deliver sleek innovative form factors and clearly states that this will only be supported on Shark Bay 1-chip platform.

Roughly a year from today, Intel will introduce a notebook chip that has a Southbridge on the same die, making the x86 notebook chip a system-on-chip and saving some precious space on the motherboard design for Shark Bay 2013 mobile platform.

Just think of even thinner Ultrabooks, with more compact motherboards and even better thermals.

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