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AMD FX-8120 WOX shows up on pre-order

by on20 March 2012

amd FXSeries

Boxed with liquid cooling

It appears that AMD wants to bundle its latest FX-8120 chip with liquid cooling as well as this one has appeared for pre-order in retail/e-tail for US$310.

The liquid cooling bundle has already been available with AMD's FX-8150 but with a US $384 price tag (and even US $400 on pre-order), it was certainly a bit expensive. Same as the FX-8150, the FX-8120 also packs four Bulldozer modules with two cores per each module for a total of eight cores. It works at 3.1GHz with a 4GHz Turbo and has 8MB (4x2MB) of L2 cache and 8MB of shared L3 cache.

According to the first pre-order price, the FX-8120 bundled with liquid cooling is around US $65-75 cheaper than the FX-8150 boxed with liquid cooler, although the standard boxed FX-8120 is only US $40 cheaper than the the FX-8150.

In case you missed it, the liquid cooler bundled with AMD FX-Series CPUs is made by Asetek.

Of course, this is only a pre-order price and it might be even cheaper once it starts to be available in more shops.

Via CPU-World.


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