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Core i5 3570T is 45W TDP Quad core

by on18 April 2012

Clocked the same as 32nm predecessor

The point of going for three gate transistors and 22nm is to take the TDPs down, but you have to remember that in spite of smaller transistors and general consumption Ivy Bridge has a much more powerful graphics core.

This is one of the reasons that first and only 45W quad core desktop part branded as Core i5 3570T will stay at 2.3GHz base clock and 3.3GHz with the help of turbo. We call it unimpressive as Core i5 3570T is supposed to replace 32nm Sandy Bridge based Core i5 2500T that has the same 45W TDP, the same 2.3GHz core clock and 3.3GHz with the help of turbo.

We don’t see the innovation at least with this part. The only big difference is that Core i5 3570T has HD 2500 graphics that works at 650/1150MHz compared to 650 / 1100MHz HD 2000 at Core i5 2500T and we believe that graphics  core is responsible for limiting this 45W TDP quad core at the same clock as predecessor.

It is impressive to see any quad core with graphics core at 45W especially as just a five and a half years ago, November 2006 to be precise, Kentsfield 65nm based quad core without graphics was stuck at 95W to 130W TDP.

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