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AMD's A10-4600M APU detailed

by on25 April 2012

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Quite good graphics part managed to get their hands on some details as well as benchmarks of AMD's A10-4600M Trinity part that will be a star in AMD's upcoming notebook Trinity lineup.

A10-4600M is based on AMD's 32nm Trinity architecture with Piledriver CPU part with four cores clocked at 2.3GHz base and 3.0GHz turbo clock. It features a total of 4MB of L2 cache and features HD 7660G graphics part. HD 7660G is based on VLIW4 architecture, features 384 stream processors and works at 685MHz for GPU. A10-4600M supports DDR3-1600 memory and has a 35W TDP.

According to initial results, A10-4600M scores 1135 marks in 3DMark performance preset and easily outflanks Nvidia's GT 540M but scores lower than Nvidia's GT 635M (yet another Fermi part). Since we are talking about discrete cards, when paired up with HD 7670M in Dual Graphics mode, the score for A10-4600M climbs up to 2083 marks, which is quite high.

Unfortunately, we are still talking about synthetic benchmarks and real world performance is of course a totally different thing. We are yet to see official CPU numbers but Trinity's APU main objective is to beat Intel' Ivy Bridge and HD Graphics 4000, which should not be that hard considering that Core i7-3610QM and HD 4000 graphics scores about 720 marks in the same test.

According to AMD, Trinity parts should be just around the corner and we are eager to see if AMD's Trinity is as good as AMD hopes.

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