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AMD lists Brazos 2.0 parts online

by on04 June 2012

Coming soon

Last week we wrote about HP’s first Brazos 2.0 notebook and now it seems the new entry level AMD APUs are about to launch.

The E1-1200 and E2-1800 are based on the good old Bobcat core and they are a stopgap measure until 28nm chips become available. Still, they are a very good alternative to Atoms, especially in the desktop market.

The E1-1200 is clocked at 1.4GHz and it features HD 7310 graphics with 80 shaders clocked at 500MHz sans turbo. The E2-1800 runs at 1.7GHz and features a similar HD 7340 graphics core with 80 shaders, but it can turbo overclock from 523MHz to 680MHz.

We should see quite a few Brazos 2.0 based products at Computex.

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