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22nm Atom scheduled for Q4 2013

by on02 July 2012

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Codename Bay Trail

Cedar Trail is the current Atom platform you know from processors such as D2700, D2550 and D2500 on desktop side and Atom N2800 and N2600 on the mobile side.

These are 32nm parts that are supposed to last for more than a year. Our sources are suggesting that there is a new Atom on the horizon, made in 22nm but scheduled to arrive only in Q4 2013. 

This is more than a year from now and Atom codenamed Bay Trail could make an appearance in September or October 2013. Naturally, this is if it doesn’t get hit by delays. 

Cedar trail is selling well, so there is no need for Intel to rush new parts. However, the company is also planning for a 22nm version of Atom for phones and tablets in 2013, since these parts have much higher priority compared to netbook and desktop parts. 

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