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AMD to detail Jaguar tablet chips in August

by on18 July 2012

Coming in 2013

AMD will shed more light on its upcoming Jaguar processors at the Hot Chips show in August.

Jaguar will be AMD’s first proper crack at the tablet market, although previous iterations of its low-power APUs tipped up in some designs a while back. In addition to tablets, the Jaguar architecture will also be used in low-power laptops next year, where it will replace current Bobcat parts.

AMD is not saying much about Jaguar ahead of the event, but analysts don’t believe this 28nm part will be revolutionary. Current generation Bobcat chips are considered too power hungry for tablets and even AMD’s upcoming Hondo tablet chip is still a 40nm part.

Jaguar could change all this thanks to its more advanced production process, but it will be an evolutionary design. Analyst Jim McGregor argues that AMD is continuing to evolve without reinventing the wheel. So, while little is known about Jaguar, not many people are expecting anything revolutionary.

AMD will also use the event to provide more details on its next-generation Steamroller CPU core, which should power AMD’s mainstream processors next year.

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