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Desktop Trinity listed in US, affordable pricing revealed

by on04 September 2012

Starting at $59

AMD’s upcoming desktop Trinity parts are expected to launch in a few weeks and a US retailer has already jumped the gun with some early listings. The listings do not reveal much, but they seem to confirm that Trinity chips will end up on the cheap side.

The pre-order price for the A4-5300 dual-core is $59.60, which sounds fair for a 3.4GHz/3.7GHz part with 1MB of L2 cache and HD 7480D graphics. The black edition A6-5400K comes in at $73.59. It is clocked at 3.6GHz and it can hit 3.8GHz on Turbo and it features beefier HD 7540D graphics. Both dual-core parts are rated at 65W.

In the quad-core world, AMD offers the A8-5500 for $109 and the A8-5600K is also listed at $109. The 5500 is clocked at 3.2GHz/3.7GHz and it has a 65W TDP, while the 5600K runs at 3.6GHz/3.9GHz, but it ends up with a 100W TDP rating. Both have 4MB of cache and HD 7560D graphics.

The A10-5700 and A10-5800K follow the same pattern and both cost $131. The 5700 is a 65W part, clocked at 3.4GHz base and 4.GHz turbo, while the 100-watt 5800K runs at 3.8GHz/4.2GHz. Both have HD 7660D graphics and 4MB of L2 cache.

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