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Desktop Trinity coming next week, in OEM flavour

by on27 September 2012

AMD puts up a fight in mid range

Desktop Trinity parts are finally heading to retail. AMD’s second-generation APU was supposed to launch a few months ago and motherboard makers were practically ready for launch back at Computex, but the wait is finally over and we should see the first OEM chips as early as next week. Sadly, the retail market will have to wait a bit more, a few weeks to months.

There is still no exact word on pricing, but AMD tends to offer superior value for money than Intel, so Trinity could be a serious contender in the mid-range market. Sadly, AMD migrated to Socket FM2 this time around, rendering all FM1 motherboards obsolete. But in any case the chips are looking good and AMD claims the flagship A10-5800K will be able to take on Core i5 chips, at a much lower cost.

Aside from new Piledriver cores and graphics, which we covered extensively, the really big news is that AMD will finally have decently priced quad-core APUs with 65W TDPs, making them a great choice for a range of applications, from HTPCs and office rigs, to all-round home desktops.

Tom’s Hardware had a go at a few Trinity parts and the benchmarks reveal top notch graphics performance, although x86 performance gains are modest.

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