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AMD APUs at Amazon

by on01 October 2012

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Ready for launch tomorrow

CPU World has found more evidence that AMD's second generation of Accelerated Processing Units from AMD will launch as early as tomorrow.

New A-series processors, codenamed "Trinity", are expected to have better CPU and GPU performance than older "Llano" counterparts. The upcoming A-Series products are produced in socket FM2 form factor, incompatible with previous generation of socket FM1 motherboards, and that is one of the main drawbacks of the soon to be released accelerated units.

Official prices are unknown but the APUs were available for pre-order since beginning of September, and at this time several "Trinity" boxed SKUs are available from Amazon. Amazon is flogging three different quad-core models, priced between $120 and $149.

AMD A10-5800K is the flagship A-Series microprocessor. Amazon sells it for $144.50 with free shipping, whereas other third party sellers on the same site sell it as low as $132 with extra shipping charges. This is about what the AMD charged for the A8-3850 and A8-3870K "Llano" processors when they first shipped.

The A10-5800K will offer about 27 per cent higher CPU and 33 per cent higher GPU frequencies at the same power level. Because the new products were designed to scale better with frequency, rather than to be more efficient at the same clock speed, the actual CPU performance is expected to be lower than 27 per cent.

AMD A10-5700 is for those who want better energy efficiency. Compared to the A10-5800K, the 5700 SKU has CPU and GPU clocks reduced by 10 per cent and 5 per cent respectively. Boxed version of this APU is sold by Amazon for $149.

Third APU, A8-5600K, seems to have a good compromise between performance and price, especially when better CPU performance is needed. The processor is priced at $121.55 by Amazon, and even cheaper by third-party sellers. CPU performance of this A8 part should be within five per cent of the A10-5800K.

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