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Intel claims to have sold a billion SoCs

by on23 November 2012

These are the ones for mobile phones

Chipzilla says that claims that it is not doing very well in the mobile market have been greatly exaggerated.

In a statement Intel says it has shipped a billion System on Chips (SoCs) targeted at ultra low cost, ultra slim phones.  We are not sure where these chips have ended up, but Intel says it has shipped them. Our advice is that if a bloke comes to the door with a surprise package, it would not be a good idea to sign for it as you might end up with a billion chips that you do not know what to do with.

The Intel SoCs integrate mobile baseband, RF and power management onto a single chip, allowing OEMs greater flexibility in designing more cost effective, innovative 2G solutions based on proven technologies. Intel said that it has a range of SoCs including RF transceivers, 2G/3G and upcoming 4G LTE platforms for mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

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