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AMD Llano F1 to disappear after Q1 2013

by on27 November 2012

End of life for FM1

It will probably take longer than just a single quarter, but AMD is officially finishing off with the FM1 platform.

Since it now has Trinity based on the new FM2 socket, the plan is to sell out the remaining Llano FM1 products and continue with Trinity FM2 from Q4 2012, until Richland comes in late Q2 2013.

AMD in Q3 2012 had A8 3870K, AMD A8 3850, Athlon II X4 651K and 641, A6 3500 and A4 3400 and 3300. This list gets significantly shorter as AMD cuts three CPUs from it, leaving the A6 3670K, Athlon II X4 641 as well as A4 3400 and 3300 in the Llano FM1 space.

As of Q1 2013 AMD won’t offer Llano chips to the channel and it will completely transition to Trinity FM2, a lineup that will include a mixture of A10, A8, A6, A4 as well as Athlon X4 processors. The current plan is that such lineup stays until Richland comes in 2013, probably in late Q2 2013, which means volume shipments in Q3 2013, but only if AMD can stick to the original schedule.

The Virgo platform and Trinity look like a decent APU and even ultrathin notebooks based on Trinity are definitely worth a try. It is hard to tell whether Trinity will speed up AMD’s long term recovery but things are beginning to look better for them, at least in 2013.

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