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Most Llano APUs EOL in January

by on18 December 2012

Early retirement

AMD has reached out to some of its partners and informed them that many Llano desktop processors are set to receive the death penalty known as End-of-Life status in this business. The list includes almost every Llano and the EOL status starts in January, just a few weeks from now.

AMD plans to retire its flagship Llano A8 3870K and A6 3670K unlocked parts. The plan includes the A8 3850, A6 3500 as well as two A4 processors. The A4 dual-cores to retire include the A4 3400 65W, a 2.7GHz clocked part as well as the A4 3300, a 65W part clocked 2.5GHz.

The only Llano processor that will survive to late Q2 2013, or May is the quad-core A6 3650 clocked at 2.6GHz, featuring 320 Radeon cores branded as HD 6540D and a 444MHz graphics clock.

Naturally these processors are getting replaced by Trinity parts that are affordable and perform better, include better Turbo overclocking and are already widely available. The only downside is that you need a new FM2 motherboard to upgrade to Trinity. 

Last modified on 18 December 2012
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