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21 Pentium processors die in Q1

by on07 February 2013

End of Sandy Bridge and 32nm Pentiums is near

We have been following Intel for a very long time now, but we never saw the company ending the life of so many processors of the same brand at once.

As of Q1 2013 Intel plans to give as many as 20 processors of the Pentium breed PDN (Product discontinuance Notice) status, which is the first stage before the company announces their EOL (End of product Life). The list is mostly made up of Sandy Bridge parts including some low power parts.

PDN has been released for G645, a dual-core 2.9GHz clocked part based on Sandy Bridge 32nm, as well as G645T, G550T and G555 chips. The list also includes the G620, G870, G860T and G640. The will face the same destiny followed by G640T, G550, G540T, G860, G630, G630T and G460 parts. This is not all as G850, G465, G540, G530 and G530T are on the same list.

You will notice that despite the huge numerical branding difference some parts are evenly matched, for example the Pentium G645 and Pentium G850 are more or less the same part, just launched a year apart, and one is also meant for embedded. Take a look at these two compared here.

All of these doomed chips are expected to reach end of life (EOL) by Q3 2013. The only processor that goes off life support instantly is the Pentium G440. It has been in PDN status since Q2 2012 and has reached EOL in Q1 2013.

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