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22nm Atom competitive to ARM counterparts

by on09 April 2013

Valley View quad, Avoton eight core server parts

Valley View is a 22nm Atom meant for the Bay Trail platform. It is based on 22nm Silvermont cores and with new microarchitecture it has a fighting chance against the growing threat of ARM tablet chips.

Silvermont cores also feature much faster execution and they can match up to four cores. The 22nm Atom comes in a nettop HTPC flavour, value mobile, ultra mobile as well as micro server, network and communications part codenamed Avoton and Rangley.

The micro server part comes with up to eight cores and will compete with new ARM based micro server chips. Since Intel has been doing servers for a long time, it has been said that this versions will be extremely competitive to ARM chips.

Furthermore we have learned that Silvermont 22nm Atoms will give all ARM chips a good run for their money in most markets including tablets, netbooks, nettops and servers. This comes as a surprise, as there is a general (mis)conception that ARM makes better low power chips, but with 22nm Atoms this can change to Intel's advantage.

It will at least make Intel more competitive that it is today and help Intel gain some popularity against the ARM alliance. Powerful ARM chips such as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Nvidia’s Tegra 4 that can cause some damage to Intel’s sales in entry level market, especially in the tablet space.

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