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Haswell with SDP of 4.5W shows up

by on12 June 2013

Fanless detachables possible

We were quite interested in Intel’s Y-series of Haswell processors as they are the ones that can bring the TDP of relatively potent dual-core chips all the way down to 11.5W. In terms of Intel’s recently invented SDP (Standard design power) the same CPU maxes out at 6W.

To refresh your memory this is just slightly above the magic 5W TDP that is the maximum for fanless designs. Intel is well aware of that and this is why it has Y-series processor with SDP of 4.5W that will obviously fit tablets and other fanless devices.

The nominal clock is set to 1.3GHz to 1.4GHz and the graphics core is set to 200MHz to 800MHz. All that is possible with a 11.5W TDP. The same processor can work at 800MHz in TDP down mode, with a 9.5W TDP that translates to a standard design power of 6W, or even a 4.5W SDP.

At 800MHz you cannot expect great performance, but this CPU won’t need much power either. Intel’s own document claims that package power in Package C7 state maxes out at 0.85W in C8 state needs 0.1W and in C9 idle state needs only 0.04W which promises great battery life.

Just to put things in perspective, U-series processors with 15W TDP and GT3 graphics need 0.95W in C7 state, 0.12W in C8 state and 0.052W for the C9 state.

We can expect to see Haswell based detachable notebooks very soon coming from almost anyone before the end of the summer or before the back to school shopping spree. Haswell won’t bring that much of a performance gain, it will make things 10 to 15 percent faster in CPU intenstive tasks, but it will sure make the notebook or detachable system run much longer and ensure much better battery life.

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