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Intel introduces Bay Trail

by on11 September 2013

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IDF 2013: Asus has Windows 8.1 Transformer on it

The new Atom has just arrived. A 22nm quad-core that can deliver up to 11 hours of battery life even with Windows 8.1 OS, but it will also work with Android.

It brings 64-bit computing to Atom and it has improved security, so claims the Hermann Eul VP GM mobile communication group, apparently the new guy in town for this position. We don’t know what happened with Dadi, but he used to cover this post.

Asus briefly introduced a new detachable system, with 11-hour battery life, Windows 8.1, stereo speakers and a Full HD display. We don’t know the price asnd Intel or Asus didn’t mention the shipping date.

The product Asus CEO Jerry Shen showed off works and that is what we all can say for now. Asus did said that it plans to release more details tonight but the general information was that Windows 8.1 tablets are coming ahead of Android Bay Trail devices.



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