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Broadwell dual and quad coming in 2H 2014

by on04 December 2013

From 10W to 47W

Broadwell is a Haswell “tock” made in 14nm and judging by the company’s current plans Intel expects to start selling in it in the second half of 2014.

Just as it was the case with Haswell, Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge, the Broadwell architecture is highly scalable enabling designs from dual core close to 10W TDP parts to high performance quad core processors with 40W +.

Intel has it listed in 15W as a replacement to current flagship Core i7 4650U, 28W market as replacement to Core i7 4558U, 11.5W market as a replacement for Core i7 4610Y and many other parts that sit below this processor.

At this time we expect Broadwell notebook parts to ship in designs in Q3 2014 as Intel has already said that it has been slightly behind the schedule with its 14nm Broadwell parts. Normally Intel would be producing these processors in Q4 2013, pretty much right now and start shipping designs in very late Q2 2014, usually June.

The first parts are expected at some point in Q3 2014, while some slower parts should show up in Q4 2014. This has always been a part of Intel's tactic as usually it takes a long time to replace the complete portfolio with the next generation parts such as 14nm Broadwell.

You can expect better battery life and more convertibles, detachables, Ultrabooks as this is the direction that Intel is currently taking. With a decrease in Ultrabook pricing Intel might have a fighting chance as no matter how cool your iPad or any other tablet is, you still need a notebook or desktop to do real work.

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