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Intel confirms 450mm wafers obstacles

by on19 March 2014

Still on track

Intel says that it is still on track to move its manufacturing to the larger, 450 millimeter wafers that are being developed at the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. However it confirms that it is having some problems with the technology.

ASML, one of the major equipment suppliers to chip factories, recently decided to stop trying to develop a new generation of machines that could handle 450mm wafers which lead many to wonder what Intel thought of the matter. After all, it had invested billions of dollars in ASML and committed $700 million in ASML’s 450mm development program.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said the company’s position for 450mm has not changed in that we expect deployment sometime in the later part of this decade and requires the industry to be aligned.

“We adjusted our 450mm funding to ASML consistent with their plans however this is not a change in our (2014) capital forecast as it anticipated that change. We continue to work with our industry partners to align on timing.”

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