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AMD invests more in professional graphics

by on20 June 2014

FirePro in data centre

AMD is planning to increase investment in the professional GPU space, according to a presentation unearthed by WCCFtech.

The presentation indicates that AMD is increasing focus on FirePro and GPGPU products. AMD’s professional graphics push has been going well and the company has gained market share thanks to the Mac Pro, one of AMD’s biggest design wins to date in the pro GPU space. 

What is interesting about the leaked Computex presentation is that AMD plans to step up its game in software and marketing, not just hardware. It is going to boost FirePro spending, Sapphire is on board and more cash will be on hand to move the products, reports WCCFtech

In addition to FirePro products, AMD is also moving into the data centre with MXM modules specifically designed for Blade servers. The first product is the S4000X, which AMD markets as “FirePro graphics in the data centre.” It can hit 992GLOPS (single precision) while consuming 45W of power.

In the long run, AMD is planning to bring GPU tech to servers and MXM boards are just way of doing it. AMD is also sticking relatively powerful GPUs on its heterogeneous server parts, namely Berlin and Seattle

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