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AMD to launch Carizzo next March

by on08 October 2014

Carizzo-L for entry level comes in December

AMD is planning to introduce Carizzo APUs in March 2015, replacing its current Kaveri line-up. However, the first Carizzo parts could launch in December 2014, in the form of Carizzo-L.

The Carizzo-L series is aimed at entry-level notebooks. It will take on Celeron and Pentium processors, according to Digitimes. Carizzo-L will not replace Kaveri parts. It will instead replace certain Beema and Mullins SKUs.

Carizzo is a 28nm part based on AMD's Excavator CPU core. It will ship in quad-core flavour, with support for DDR3-2133 and Windows 10.

As for the remaining Beema and Mullins parts, they will eventually be phased out in favour of Nolan, AMD's first 20nm APU. Nolan is expected to use the same socket and package as Beema and target inexpensive tablets, notebooks and more. 

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