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Intel’s roadmap has three families on 10nm

by on25 January 2016

Rumours starting to firm up

It is starting to look like the rumours Chipzilla is planning to launch three processor families manufactured on the 10nm process node are proving true.

Motley Fool’s deep throats appear to have confirmed a leak we had last week. It’s source is someone in Intel and it has arrived with some specifics.

It says that Intel’s first Intel 10nm architecture processor will be Cannonlake and should arrive in H2 2017.

Cannonlake is that it is expected to bring the first consumer processors that go beyond quad-core.

After Cannonlake Intel will produce a 10nm chip called Icelake. Icelake will be launched in H2 2018. Then the final

10nm chip to be launched by Intel will follow a year later and be known as Tigerlake. That's Tigerlake launched in H2 2019. If all those plans fall in place we should be looking at Intel's first 7nm architecture processor launch in H2 2020.

It is too early to say if Intel is ever going to go back to producing two products per process node. But MotleyFool thinks that 7-nanometer could be a two-product node, implying a transition to the 5-nanometer technology node by the second half of 2022.

But there are significant doubts that Chipzilla will get back to a two-years-per-technology cycle, reports The Motley Fool.

All this suggests that Intel is worried about TSMC which claims that it will go into high-volume manufacturing on its 10-nanometer technology in late 2016/early 2017.

TSMC plans to begin mass production of its 7-nanometer node during H1 2018. Samsung is another one which is galloping ahead with its semiconductor manufacturing plans.

Last modified on 25 January 2016
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