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Moore’s Law ain’t dead claims AMD

by on06 September 2016

It’s just resting

AMD CTO, Mark Papermaster, has told the world+dog that despite claims to the contrary Moore’s Law is not dead, it is getting better, and be going Vroom any day now.

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore said in 1965 that computing power would double every two years thanks to developments in technology over time leading to shrinking transistor sizes and while he has been right until now, Chipzilla said it would move away from the prediction for the first time, shifting transistor size from two to 2.5 years.

Papermaster said that Moore’s Law is alive and well, and said only narrow-minded people think its evolution is just about transistor size.

“It’s not just about the transistor anymore; we can’t just have transistors improving every cycle. It does take semiconductor transistor improvements, but the elements that we do in design in architecture, and how we put solutions together, also keep in line with a Moore’s Law pace.

He said that AMD had adopted an idea called Moore’s Law Plus. This means you stay in a Moore’s Law pace of computing improvement. So you can keep in with a Moore’s Law cycle but you don’t rely on just semiconductor chips, you do it with a combination of other techniques.

These include design changes and how you architect those system solutions that will keep on the Moore's Law pace.

You can mix and match combinations of CPU and GPU, other accelerators, different memory configurations, or how they are pieced together – there is room for lots of innovation at the next level.

Last modified on 06 September 2016
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