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ARM buys HPC software maker

by on19 December 2016

New markets ahead

The Japanese-owned British fabless chipmaker ARM has written a cheque for an undisclosed sum for the HPC software maker Allinea.

Allenia makes developer tools to help squeeze the maximum performance from high performance computing (HPC) setups.

Javier Orensanz, general manager of ARM's Development Solutions Group, says the company “will use its newly acquired capabilities to accelerate its adoption in HPC and new markets.”

Allinea's CEO David Lecomber says he's on board and that Allinea’s organization will remains together as one HPC Tools team within ARM. Now that that team will keep working multiple CPU architectures.

This buyout will save ARM from having to work on tools similar to Allinea's. It has been doing that for a while now and hired people to help out. Now its efforts will be combined.

ARM want to push into the HPC market as an alternative to the Xeon and Power CPUs. It has not been doing too badly. Fujitsu picked ARM for a 1,000-PFLOPS super computer in Japan and replaced a SPARC-powered, version of that machine.

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