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Temperatures Ryzen for Intel

by on13 February 2017

A few performance and pricing leaks too

It seems that AMD is leaking like a drunk on his way home from a bar where all the public toilets are closed for refurbishment and there are no trees.

We should start seeing the launch of AMD's Ryzen processors early next month, and that means the first of the pricing and performance leaks are coming out.

The entire AMD Ryzen CPU range consists of nearly 20 CPUs and the leaked performance numbers are looking rather good. So AMD Ryzen is almost certain to undercut Intel in most areas and sometimes by significant margins. has posted a huge suite of benchmarks that appear to show the performance of the 8-core, 16-thread Ryzen 7-1700X pitted against a number of competing Intel CPUs.

amd ryzen performnance 1

amd ryzen performnance 2

The CPU was tested on an early entry-level motherboard, while the relatively slow memory was used as well as the possibility of AMD's turbo-mode/Precision Boost not working too so these are worst-case numbers.

Even so, the R7-1700X cleans the Core i7-6850K clock in most of the tests, outstripping it in many of them and even giving the Core i7-6900K a run for its money. If the R7-1700X does perform close to the Core i7-6850K it will make it a really good dea.

The i7-6850K costs nearly twice as much at $609 on Newegg right now, while the AMD CPU is slated to retail for just $382. It also has two more cores and four more threads than Chipzilla’s efforts.

Ryzen CPUs are turning up on price comparison websites already, as well as leaks from retailers globally. The Ryzen 3-1100, which is a 4-core part with 8MB cache and 3.5GHz clock speed, will cost $129.





ryzen prices 1

UK pricing for several models has the top three Ryzen 7 CPUs listed for £476, £369 and £306. These are in order, the X1800X, 1700X and 1700. All three sport 8 cores and 16 threads, 8MB L3 cache and unlocked multipliers for easy overclocking.

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