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Jen-Hsun Huang thinks hardware will exterminate code

by on18 May 2017

AI will create the superior being and coders will be exterminated 

Nvida supreme dalek Jen-Hsun Huang believes that software will be exterminated by AI.

Talking to the MIT Technology ReviewHuang said that machine-learning revolution is just starting.

There are only a few lines of code in the enterprises and industries all over the world use AI today and there are others in tech and other industries that are trying to catch up.

“Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.”

He said the next industry to be transformed is the automotive industry.

“Ten of the world’s top car companies are here with us at the conference. The second is health care, and the impact on society is going to be very great. Health information is messy and unstructured, but now computers can understand it to augment doctors’ diagnoses and predictions.”

Using machine learning in cars will also create new challenges for regulators. Nvidia has demonstrated software that learns to drive just by watching what a human driver does—but it’s difficult to explain exactly how it works or would behave in different scenarios.

He said that Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 has a lot of extra computation capacity available so that it can be continuously updated.

“For driverless cars, there are still some unknowns, but there's a lot of software development that's going on. I am not exactly sure, but we'll find out.”

He added that Nvidia was going to steer its years of investment in its GPU chips, and spend its $2.5 billion dollar R&D budget, into deep learning.

“And we will make our architecture available everywhere: in PCs, in servers, in the cloud, in cars, in robots.”

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