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AMD preparing AGESA update

by on17 October 2017

Better support for future CPUs

According to the latest report, it appears that AMD is hard at work on its new AGESA update which should pave the way for upcoming AM4 processors, like the Raven Ridge APUs and the Pinnacle Ridge CPUs.

According to a well-known overclocker, Elmor, and his post over at forums, the upcoming AGESA changes the entire BIOS base structure, which will make it easier to add support for Raven Ridge APUs and Pinnacle Ridge CPUs.

On the other hand, Elmor adds that this has also added a lot more work to port everything to the new version which could result in futher bugs.

"AGESA 1007 comes with support for Raven Ridge APUs. AMD has also changed the entire BIOS base structure so we have to do a lot of work to port everything to the new version, which may result in further bugs. The advantage is that it makes it easier to support future CPUs (Raven Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge). The cold boot fix will be implemented as soon as we have a recent AGESA version which supports it."

Unfortunately, we still do not have an ETA for the release of the new micro-code update but motherboard makers should have these BIOS updates ready by the time AMD officially launches desktop Raven Ridge APUs, sometime in 2018.


Last modified on 24 April 2018
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