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Some new Coffee Lake SKUs show up in stores

by on21 February 2018

Pentium, Celeron, and non-K Core i5 and Core i3

As expected, Intel has expanded its Coffee Lake lineup with new SKUs and some retailers/e-tailers have already started selling some of those chips, including non-K Core i3 and Core i5 SKUs, as well as budget-oriented Pentium and Celeron SKUs.

The launch of these new SKUs are likely to be accompanied by cheaper motherboards, based on B360 and H370 as well as H310 chipsets. Unfortunately, the Z390-chipset based motherboards, as well as 8-core CPUs, are still missing and some rumors suggest these will launch in summer.

The list of new 8th Gen Core Coffee Lake-S SKUs spotted originally by in various retail/e-tail shops, starts with two non-K Core i5 CPUs, the Core i5-8600, and the Core i5-8500. Both six-core parts without Hyper-Threading, the Core i5-8600, and the Core i5-8500 work at 3.1GHZ and 3.0GHz base clocks with Turbo clocks hitting 4.2GHz and 4.1GHz, respectively. Both have 9MB of L3 cache, are probably 65W TDP parts, just like the Core i5-8400 and are currently listed at US $220 and US $200, respectively.

The next in line is the lone Core i3-8300 part, which fits between the earlier available, and quite popular, Core i3-8350K and the Core i3-8100. It is a quad-core part without Hyper-Threading support, works at the 3.7GHz base clock and has 8MB of L3 cache. This is probably also a 65W part, just like the Core i3-8100, and is currently listed at US $135.

The rest of the lineup includes budget-oriented Pentium SKUs, the Pentium G5600, G5500 and the Pentium G5400 SKUs. All three are dual-core SKUs with enabled Hyper-Threading, leaving them with four threads, have 4MB of L3 cache and work at 3.7GHz, 3.8GHz and 3.9GHz base clocks, without Turbo. The Pentium G5600 and G5500 are currently listed at US $93 and US $83, respectively.

The lineup also includes two Celeron parts, the Celeron G4920 and the Celeron G4900, both dual-core parts without Hyper-Threading support, 3.1GHz and 3.2GHz base clocks and 3MB of L3 cache. These two are selling for US $62 and US $51.

intel 8thgenlineup 212

It shouldn't be long before all those cheaper motherboards start showing up and we expect other retailers/etailers to start listing these SKUs soon.

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