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Taiwan pushing quantum development

by on11 April 2018

Government co-ordinating local industry 

Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology wants to pool the R&D resources of the domestic semiconductor sector to develop quantum components fabrication processes, local potentially dead or alive cats to promote the progress of quantum computing, communication and algorithm technologies, and nurture related R&D engineers.

According to Digitimes, the idea is to push for the academic and industrial sectors to jointly set up a quantum computer development alliance to develop next-generation quantum computers and accelerate industrial upgrades and transformations in the upcoming.

The Department of Engineering and Technologies under the science ministry has since 2017 hosted 10 seminars on the development of quantum computers and sent experts to visit foreign academic organisations to learn the latest developments of quantum computers and quantum communications. One of the key conclusions and findings from such efforts is that semiconductor quantum dots and 3D IC heterogeneous integration technology can be applied to materialize quantum computer processors, which will be conducive to Taiwan's development of quantum computing, communications and algorithms.

The ministry said that the quantum bit (qubit) having progressed from the initial single-digit levels to the levels of 50-100 digits. This has inspired the ministry to step up pushing for the development of quantum computers so that Taiwan can have its foot in the door of the new tech.

However it is following in the footsteps of the European Union which, for instance, issued a Quantum Manifesto in May 2016 and will start to implement a EUR1 billion quantum technology flagship project in 2018. The US has set quantum computer technology applications as one of its five pivotal development and investment targets. China also announced plans in 2017 to set up a national quantum information laboratories park in Hefei within five years. And Japan will start manufacturing quantum computers in 2018, among other nations.

Also, tech giants Google, IBM and Intel have already released 72-qubit, 50-qubit, and 49-qubit quantum computer processors and so far no cats have died in any experiements.

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