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EKWB blocks ready for Nvidia RTX series graphics cards

by on05 September 2018

A total of eight water blocks for reference design cards

EK Water Blocks is obviously quite happy with Nvidia's upcoming Geforce RTX graphics card lineup launch as the company has prepared no less than eight EK Vector RTX full-cover water blocks designed to fit those reference design RTX graphics cards.

As was the case with some previously released water blocks, the new EK-Vector RTX series will be available in a couple of versions, RGB and non-RGB as well as Copper + Plexi, Copper + Acetal, Nickel + Plexi, and Nickel + Acetal options, for both the RTX 2080 Ti and the RTX 2080.

All the upcoming water blocks use a full cover design with a single-slot slim look, as it will both cover the entire PCB length, and directly cool the GPU, RAM and the VRM part of the graphics card. As you probably guessed from the name, EKWB has prepared a wide combination of materials including bare electrolytic copper, nickel plated electrolytic copper, black POM Acetal, and clear Acrylic, while some of them will have standard 12V RGB LED strips as well.

ekwb rtxblocks 1

AS this is a completely new line from EKWB, the EK-Vector RTX will have a redesigned cooling engine with a larger footprint, giving an increased thermal performance due to a larger surface area. All use an Open Split-Flow cooling engine design, giving it a low hydraulic flow restriction and allowing it to be used with weaker water pumps.

In addition to water blocks, EKWB also prepared two backplates, Nickel and plain black one, which should give it a better look as well as somewhat help with cooling the backside of the card.

As noted, the EK Vector RTX 2080 Ti and the EK Vector RTX 2080 water blocks will be compatible with reference design RTX 2000 series graphics cards. EKWB was also keen to note that water blocks for custom versions from usual suspects like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and others will be coming as well, just at a later date.

All blocks and backplates are now available for pre-order and should start shipping on the 20th of September, 2018, and prices range from €129.90 to €149.90, depending on the version.

ekwb rtxblocks 6

ekwb rtxblocks 2

ekwb rtxblocks 3

ekwb rtxblocks 4

ekwb rtxblocks 5


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