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Huawei discounts ARM API fears

by on21 September 2019

There's a perpetual licence

The chairman of Huawei is confident that its relationship with ARM will not only continue, but will thrive.

In an exclusive interview with Fudzilla, chairman Guo Ping explained Huawei's long term strategy.

He said: “When ARM was still a small company we chose it as a partner and invested strongly in the company.”

Huawei, he said, has remained the strongest investor in the [ARM] community and “remains a strong supporter of ARM and its architecture”.

He said that in today's computing the vast majority of workloads are distributed and ARM is suited to that.

Asked whether reported difficulties over licensing the ARM APIs would hinder his company's aim to incorporate the architecture from mobiles right through to servers, Guo seemed confident about the future.

“Huawei has been granted a perpetual software licence for ARM. Huawei will also continue to be an outstanding contributor to the ARM platform.”

At the Advanced Innovation exhibition in Shanghai earlier this week, Huawei showed off motherboards for desktops and servers – we have no dates when they will be incorporated into machines.

Last modified on 25 September 2019
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