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Intel has fixed issues with Alder Lake

by on08 December 2021

Chipzilla had problems with gaming DRM

Chipzilla has assured the world+dog that it has fixed most of the problems gamers were having with its  Alder Lake processors.

For those who came in late, Gamers were complaining that Alder Lake processors had a few problems with the DRM countermeasures implemented in some titles.

Alder Lake chips have an issue because they mix of cores which cause DRM software to not recognise a 12th-gen product as a single processor, seeing the performance and efficiency cores as two separate systems.

The DRM, like any evil software, assumes that the gamer is doing something terrible rather than just trying to use the game they have paid good money.

Fixing the matter required a patch of Denuvo to correctly identify Alder Lake silicon.

 Intel’s official list giving the status of incompatible DRM-toting games, fixes have now been implemented for all of the 90+ games which had trouble with Alder Lake, except for three: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Fernbus Simulator, and Madden 22.

There is a workaround to side-step the DRM issue which Intel points out on its website which involves going to the BIOS and enabling ‘Legacy Game Compatibility Mode’. This works with certain motherboards and is essentially just turning off the efficiency cores to get around the problem that way of course that means that you will have wasted cash trying to get performance out of your rig.

To be fair given the speed the 100 borked games have been fixed so far the three holdouts should be sorted pretty quickly.


Last modified on 08 December 2021
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