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RM64EC is fully supported on Windows 11

by on10 August 2022

A year after the announcement 

A full year after software king of the world Microsoft announced that the ARM64EC for Windows 11 was coming it is finally out.

Vole told us that ARM64EC as a new way to bring your existing x64 applications up to speed even using plugins and dependencies that don't support the architecture.

Vole offered an application binary interface (ABI) which allows developers to build applications using both x64 and ARM code. What this means is that ARM code will run natively on a Windows 11 on ARM device while x64-specific code will run via emulation.

It is the only supported Microsoft OS to feature x64 emulation. Microsoft noted that the ARM64EC ABI is different from the ARM64 ABIbecause it is binary compatible with x64 code.

"RM64EC ABI follows x64 software conventions including calling convention, stack usage, and data alignment, making ARM64EC and x64 interoperable. Apps built as ARM64EC may contain x64 code but do not have to, since ARM64EC is its own complete, first-class ABI for Windows," Microsoft said.

ARM64EC brings  benefits for developers who can now update their code, and have x64 and ARM functionalities running simultaneously.


Last modified on 10 August 2022
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