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Intel kills off 11th Generation Core Rocket Lake processors

by on09 February 2023

14nm-class process technology gone

Chipzilla has discontinued its higher-end 11th Generation Core' Rocket Lake' processors, made using its 14nm-class process technology.

While there will still be a few old chips slushing around inventories for a while, they will soon be forgotten. Chipzilla said it will phase out its 400 and 500-series chipsets for processors in LGA1200 packaging.

Intel has rung the bell for last orders on 11th Generation Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, and corresponding Xeon W-series processors, and some of its 400 and 500-series chipsets for LGA1200 platforms by 25 August, 2023.

The final CPUs and chipsets will be shipped by 23 February, 2024. Rocket Lake-based Xeon E-series CPUs for embedded applications are around for longer, but the bulk of Rocket Lake processors will be discontinued by next year.

Intel's 11th Generation Core Rocket Lake CPUs end is unlikely to be noticed. Intel has since released 10nm-based product families with much better microarchitectures.


Last modified on 09 February 2023
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