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AMD 600-series motherboards get lashings of RAM

by on10 March 2023

Four GB is just so out of date

AMD 600-series motherboards are about to get 24GB and 48GB DDR5 memory module support with the next AGESA firmware update.

Hardware leaker chi11eddog claims that the upcoming AGESA firmware should support non-binary DIMMs. AMD appears to be working behind the scenes to make AM5 motherboards embrace 24GB and 48GB DIMMs.

DDR5 is certain to be the next big thing and the production of 24Gb and 48GB sizes are an attractive prospect for mainstream users that need large amounts of memory but don't want to invest in an HEDT or workstation platform.

Users can have up to 192GB (4x48GB) of memory at their disposal on a regular four-DIMM motherboard. Small form factor (SFF) system enthusiasts will be keen on running 96GB (2x48GB) on a mini-ITX motherboard. 

Some motherboards support the latest non-binary DIMMs while others require a firmware update. In AMD's case, the motherboard will definitely need new firmware.

Some AM5 motherboards can boot with 24GB DIMMs, suggesting the lack of optimisations prevents the memory modules from working correctly on the motherboards. It should be easy to solve since we're dealing with capacity instead of frequency. First-generation Ryzen processors struggled with memory support, and the same could be said about Intel's Haswell-E HEDT chips. However, those were about memory speed. Memory capacity is probably a more straightforward matter.


Last modified on 10 March 2023
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