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Sabrent and Phison working on high-performance PCIe Gen5 SSD

by on10 March 2023

Hitting well over 12,000MB/s

While you can already buy PCIe Gen5 SSDs that can hit 10,000MB/s, it appears that Sabrent is going to push it a bit further, as it is currently working with Phison in order to bring the new Rocket X5 Gen5 SSD that will go well over 12,000MB/s, and possibly as high as 14,000MB/s. 

While we already had a chance to see some tech demos ran by Phison, Sabrent is now showing its Rocket X5 Gen5 SSD prototype up and running, hitting 12398.8MB/s for read and 11844.78MB/s for write in CrystalDiskMark tests.

sabrent rocketx5 3

Sabrent was keen to note that the new Rocket X5 is still in its tuning process, so the company could and actually expects to push the performance even further.

Sabrent was keen to note that some things could change, including the name of the new SSD, but the company is adamant in working closely with Phison to achieve groundbreaking results.

sabrent rocketx5 2


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