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Arduino has revised its UNO board

by on27 March 2023

32-bit Cortex-M4

Arduino has revised its UNO board and promised "a long-awaited update on performance and possibilities."

The Arduino UNO R4 keeps the UNO family’s standard form factor, shield compatibility, 5V operating voltage, and robustness while offering a 32-bit Cortex-M4 and a 3-to-16x increase in clock speed, memory and flash storage.

The UNO R4 will come in two versions — UNO R4 WiFi and UNO R4 Minima — offering better performance and possibilities for the maker community. The WiFi version comes with an Espressif S3 WiFi module; while the UNO R4 Minima provides a cheaper option for those seeking the new microcontroller without additional features.

The board’s SRAM went from 2kB to 32kB, and flash memory went from 32kB to 256kB to accommodate more complex projects. In addition, following the requests from the community, the USB port was upgraded to the USB-C and maximum power supply voltage was increased to 24V with an improved thermal design. The board provides a CAN bus, which allows users to minimize wiring and execute different tasks in parallel by connecting multiple shields. Finally, the new board includes a 12-bit analogue DAC.


Last modified on 27 March 2023
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