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Intel mulls a 64-bit future

by on22 May 2023

Makes Monday mornings a lot easier to handle

Chipzilla has released a new whitepaper (spotted by Toms Hardware) where it suggest moving its processor instruction set architecture (ISA) entirely to 64-bit.

The big idea is that this would reduce legacy support using a new and simplified 'Intel x86S' architecture which would remove outdated execution modes to benefit upcoming hardware, firmware, and software.

Since most PC users moved to 64-bit Windows during the Windows 7 era, applications and games are mainstream. The current Windows 11 OS is 64-bit only and apps and games to take advantage of the RAM bonus are common so it seems reasonable for Intel to consign what is left to the dustbin of history.

"Intel 64 architecture designs come out of reset in the same state as the original 8086 and require a series of code transitions to enter 64-bit mode. Once running, these modes are not used in modern applications or operating systems," the report said.


Last modified on 22 May 2023
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