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Cooler Master shows a lot of products at Computex 2023 

by on01 June 2023

New AiO coolers, cases, PSUs, and peripherals

Cooler Master took the Computex 2023 by storm, bringing several new and, more importantly, cool-looking and innovative products, including the new MasterLiquid AiO coolers, new PC cases, X Silent PSUs, and a wide range of peripherals like the new keyboards, mice, and gaming chairs.

In addition to its well-known PC cases, Cooler Master showcased the new NCore 100 Max and Qube 500 Flatpack cases at the Computex 2023 show. 

The NCore 100 Max is definitely one of the coolest cases that were showcased at Computex 2023, as this compact case, measuring just 481x212x155-172mm can even fit an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, at least in theory. This is an ITX PC case, so there are not many motherboards that can be used, but there were some impressive ones from all motherboard makers. It ships with its own PSU, the V series SFX Gold 850W ATX 3.0.

There are no RGB lights, windows, or bling, just cool aluminum sheets in fancy colors. It also ships with its own custom cooling system for the CPU, which uses Cooler Master's own Silencio fan. Cooler Master says it fitted it with Intel Core i9-13900K and it did fine. It also supports up to 357x180mm GPU size, and GPUs that are 3 or 4-slot thick will work. Unfortunately, Cooler Master says it is still early to talk about the price or the availability date but hopefully, we'll get more information soon.

The Qube 500 is not that small as it is a 33-liter PC case, which practically makes it a mini-tower case with support for even an E-ATX motherboard. What makes it special is the fact that it ships out folded in a box that is a size of a pizza box. It also comes with a wide range of pastel colors, that can be mixed as each panel is a separate piece. Cooler Master already showcased the Qube 500 back at CES 2023, so hopefully, we'll see it launched soon.

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MasterLiquid 360 Ion and MasterLiquid 360 Atmos are new AiO coolers, and Cooler Master could be going for the open-loop market with MasterLoop

Cooler Master also showcased its new MasterLiquid 360 Ion and MasterLiquid 360 Atmos AiO CPU coolers. The MasterLiquid 360 Ion comes with a 2.1-inch LCD screen on top of the redesigned dual-chamber pump and uses three Mobius 120P ARGB fans. The MasterLiquid 360 Atmos is more focused on recycled materials and features Gen 2 ARGB lighting, three 120mm SickleFlow Edge ARGB fans, and replaceable pump cover that can be 3D printed.

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In addition, Cooler Master showcased its new line of MasterLoop concept series of products that are open-loop cooling components. These include water blocks, radiators, pumps, fittings, and pretty much everything you need to set up your own liquid cooling loop.

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Cooler Master is still holding out on the price or the availability date for the MasterLiquid 360 Ion and the MasterLiquid 360 Atmos, and the MasterLoop lineup is still a concept.

Cooler Master Silent X PSU lineup is impressive

Cooler Master brought its new Silent X PSU series to the Computex 2023 show, and this one will be available in two versions, the Silent X Max and the Silent X Edge. The Silent X Max will go up to 1300W, and comes with an RGB fan that will spin at low fan speed producing only 20dB of noise. The more impressive is the completely fanless Silent X Edge, which goes up to 750W, and has a vapor chamber cooling technology. Both are ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compliant so they come with 12VHPWR cables, and also support Cooler Master's Master Control software allowing users to monitor temperature, current load, and overload performance.

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Plenty of peripherals and a new haptic gaming chair

Cooler Master also brought plenty of peripherals to the Computex 2023 show including the new MK770 Hybrid keyboard, a hybrid wireless keyboard featuring Kailh Box V2 hot-swappable mechanical switches, a Gasket structure, and PBT double-shot keycaps. The MM712 Pro lightweight gaming mouse features the PAW3395 optical sensor, versatile hybrid wireless connectivity, and lightning-fast optical micro switches.

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The star of this show is the Motion 1 gaming chair, developed with a "strategic alliance with D-Box". Described as a haptic engine gaming chair, it adds a layer of feedback to gaming and entertainment, by analyzing sound and transferring it to vibration, textures, and movement. The best side is that it will also feature a well-being option as a wellness feature. You can learn more about it at Cooler Master's dedicated product website.

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There were plenty of other products for display at the Cooler Master Computex 2023 show as this is the company that has a lot to show, so we'll wait for some official announcements when these new products become available.


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