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Google about to launch new Chromebooks

by on22 June 2023

Chromebook X targets new spec requirements

Google could be about to launch a new branding initiative for Chromebooks dubbed "Chromebook X."

According to 9to5Google, there are several code commits referencing the new name, which suggests that the branding could be used for laptops that meet certain spec requirements and allow them to offer exclusive features.

After asking its Google deep throats, the magazine was told the first Chromebook X laptops could launch before the end of the year.

Although the ChromeOS operating system is best known for running on affordable laptops used in places like schools, over the years, it's picked up some higher-end features like support for productivity apps like LumaFusion and the ability to run Linux programs.

It might be that the Chromebook X branding could be Google's way of helping buyers distinguish between a baseline laptop that's best suited to basic web browsing and office work and a device with a bit more oomph, like HP's recent Dragonfly Pro Chromebook.


Last modified on 22 June 2023
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