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Dell fined down under

by on15 August 2023

Discounted hardware prices ruled unfair dinkum 

Grey box shifter Dell has been fined more than $6.5 million by Australian regulators after it was found to have misled consumers on discounted hardware prices.

The Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) fined a AUS $10 million fine on the tech giant for "making false and misleading representations" about discounted prices for add-on computer monitors.

Dell Australia admitted that it has misled customers over prices available on monitors in 'bundle' packages alongside desktop, laptop, or notebook devices. Add-on monitors were "often advertised with a higher 'strikethrough' price," an investigation by the regulator found. These strikethrough prices were framed as a way for consumers to make significant savings on monitors if purchased alongside other computing products.

However, these discounted prices were often overstated, with the regulator ruling that the monitors were not sold for discounted prices in many instances.

Dell conceded it misled customers about the discounted price of add-on monitors with statements such as "Total Savings," "Includes x% off," "Discounted Price," and "Get the best price for popular accessories when purchased with this product."

The ACCC said in a statement, "In many cases, consumers paid more than if they had purchased the monitor as a standalone product."

Last modified on 16 August 2023
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