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AMD warns about Starfield scammers

by on31 August 2023

Starfield GPU giveaway is too good to be true

AMD has warned that many Starfield GPU giveaways are fakes trying to capitalise on the hype and excitement for Bethesda’s space game.

Bill Murphy, who is AMD’s Go-to-Market Manager for Software and Gaming, issued the warning about being cautious around giveaways for the custom limited edition Starfield graphics card.

Murphy singles out a specific giveaway on X from ‘Indie Kings’ (a PC gaming community on Steam, apparently), noting that AMD does not believe this is one of its – or Bethesda’s – partners for the giveaway.


Beside the take the giveaway is based around AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX decked out in a with a Starfield theme (in white and grey). There are only 500, and they’ve been made specifically to be given away and not sold. One package of the Starfield GPU and CPU being auctioned on eBay for charity and it has a bid of $3,650.

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