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Nvidia needs to stop redesigning chips for China

by on05 December 2023

White House warns

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo warned Nvidia against redesigning AI chips for China that manoeuvre around export restrictions.

Raimondo said that the US could not allow China to get these chips, and it would deny them its most cutting-edge technology.

She said American companies must adapt to US national security priorities, including export controls that her department has placed on semiconductor exports.

"I know there are CEOs of chip companies in this audience who were a little cranky with me when I did that because you're losing revenue," she said.

"Such is life. Protecting our national security matters more than short-term revenue."

Raimondo called out Nvidia, which designed chips specifically for the Chinese market after the US imposed its initial round of curbs in October 2022.

"If you redesign a chip around a particular cut line that enables them to do AI, I'm going to control it the very next day," Raimondo said.

Communication with China can help stabilise ties between the two countries, but "on matters of national security, we've got to be eyes wide open about the threat," she said.

"This is the biggest threat we've ever had, and we need to meet the moment," she said.

Last modified on 05 December 2023
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