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Intel’s benchmarks back AMD AI

by on22 December 2023


Intel's new generation of Meteor Lake "Intel Core Ultra" processors were supposed to herald a new age of "AI PCs", but the benchmark software it is advising to prove it shows AMD chips are still ahead.

The chips of the "Intel Core Ultra" processors are the first to feature a purpose-built NPU (neural processing unit) to handle AI tasks. However, there are few ways to test this feature, and software needs to be rewritten to direct operations at the NPU specifically.

Intel has directed testers to use its Open Visual Inference and Neural Network Optimization (OpenVINO) AI toolkit to measure the performance of the new chips. You would think that this would be biased and show its software in its best light, but it doesn’t.

Tom's Hardware, which tested the new Intel chips against AMD, found that AMD chips often came out on top, even on these carefully chosen benchmarks. It seems that optimisation will take some time. 

Tom’s said that whatever app you choose is going to be biased in favour of one hardware platform or another. But AMD's Ryzen chips should be praised for being so competitive, even when their competitor makes the toolset. 


Last modified on 22 December 2023
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