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Tame Apple Press hypes chips that never were

by on12 March 2024

For the car, which never was

The Tame Apple Press, which has been hyping Jobs’ Mob’s car vapourware for nearly a decade, continues to spout column inches on Project Titan, claiming it was still worthwhile.

 Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims that while the car was abandoned, some chip technology Jobs’ Mob developed for it is still around. This chip, which Gurman claims is “nearly done and dusted”, is supposedly as powerful as four M2 Ultras tied together with masking tape (we are paraphrasing).

But let's stay focused on Apple's fairy tales. The M2 Ultra, the arrhythmic heart of the Mac Pro and the Mac Studio's beefiest model, might boast a 24-core CPU, a 76-core GPU, and a 32-core Neural Engine, but who needs that for a car? Even Tesla's Full Self-Driving chip, with its modest 12 ARM CPUs, seems like a child's toy compared to Apple's grandiose claims of 134 billion transistors.

The fact that it was “nearly done and dusted” is shorthand for Apple not having gotten it working yet. Remember, the Tame Apple Press assured us that the Apple car was nearly "done and dusted” and would be out next year.

All this chip talk is just about something that is never going to happen, built for a product which might as well be a unicorn,

Gurman's little birdies admit that Apple won't sell or license the tech it developed for its mythical vehicle. Instead, Jobs’ Mob will hoard it like a dragon sitting on a pile of gold.

Gurman reckons Apple's all-in for its CarPlay product, but let's face it, embedding software and hardware into cars is old news. Google's been there, done that, with Android Automotive.

Last modified on 12 March 2024
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