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HP abandons cheaper e-series LaserJet printers

by on09 July 2024

Customers unhappy with the product

The maker of expensive printer ink, HP, has had to stop making its cheaper e-series LaserJet printers because customers were hacked off with the online-only and always-tied-to-HP+ subscription requirements.

HP+ needs a constant internet connection and only allows HP-original ink and toners, banning third-party alternatives. While HP+ offers benefits like cloud printing and an extra year's warranty, the enforced online requirement for a cheaper printer left many consumers unhappy.

It's important to note that this discontinuation only affects HP LaserJet printers with an "e" at the end of their model name, indicating the alternative business model. For example, the HP LaserJet M110w is not affected, but the HP LaserJet M110we and M209dwe, two cheaper always-online alternatives, will no longer be produced or sold by HP.

Another key point is that existing HP e-series LaserJet printer models will continue functioning as they did when purchased. No software updates will be provided to unlock the hardware's full potential, so current customers will have to manage with HP+ until they can replace their printers.

Speaking to DruckerChannel, an HP representative said: "Since the introduction of HP+, our smart, connected printing system has been embraced by customers who appreciate the convenience, extended warranty, and solutions."

"We know that some customers in IT-managed office environments cannot meet the cloud connection requirements for HP+. To provide our customers with an exceptional printing experience in all office environments, we will no longer offer LaserJet series products with HP+. We plan to extend proven solutions such as Print from Anywhere and Smart Security to select new HP LaserJet devices. HP+ customers who are satisfied [...] do not need to make any adjustments."

The HP representative revealed that "HP will stop marketing the Instant Ink toner subscription service later this year. The service will no longer be available to new customers. This will not affect existing Instant Ink toner subscribers, only those new to the service."

The reasons for discontinuing Instant Ink are unclear, as it was an optional subscription. DruckerChannel speculates it may have been confused or conflated with HP+, leading some customers to think it required HP+. Therefore, HP decided to discontinue the service to simplify things.

Last modified on 09 July 2024
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